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The Benefits of Yumi Escrow

Seller Protection

Payment verification prior to
Domain name transfer.

Buyer Protection

Assured domain name transfer
prior to paying Seller.

Transaction Guarantee

In case that transaction can't be completed for
any reason, Buyer will be fully refunded while
Seller will get the domain back.

Security Measures will strictly protect transaction details
between sellers and buyers and won't divulge
the details to any party.

How it Works

Buyers and sellers reach an agreement, which contains taking as escrow platform, and one of the parties submits the escrow application.
Pay to Yumi
Buyers transfer payment to account in 3 working days, wait for the domain transfer after fill in the transfer information.
After checking the payment, will inform the seller to transfer the domain to the account the buyer assigned.
After checking the accuracy of the registration information of the transferred domain, buyers need to click to confirm the domain was received.
After buyers confirm the domain was received, sends the payment to sellers, and then transaction is completed.