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Buy Domains Now is the leading domain buying platform in China; millions of domains are listed for sale on The deal records are transparent, and the transactions are fast and safe here. provides various transaction methods, helping you buy domains more conveniently and quickly.

Fixed Price Domains

As for fixed price domains, their price is open and transparent with easy and quick trade methods. Sellers set a fixed price for the domains while listing them for sale and transfer the domains at this price.

Domain Backorder

In addition to having expired domain backorder resources from domain registrars in China, also has obtained resources from numerous oversea domain backorder platforms, which makes the most comprehensive domains backorder channel among the entire network. While backordering domains through, users experience the one-stop domain backorder from various platforms worldwide.

Domain Auction

Domain auction on adopts fire-new sealed auction, which enable worldwide users fill in prices most closest to what they expect in a more rational and healthy way. Accordingly, the transaction price of domains is more reasonable. At the meantime, it also helps to avoid the technical risk of potential attack along with traditional auction.