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Domain parking is a technical system creating web pages for domains automatically. The web pages usually include sponsored links from advertisers who pay for clicks from visitors, and the domain owners can share the revenue anytime.

What are the advantages of Yumi parking?

Revenue maximization guaranteed by proprietary technology, the only one that fully accept Chinese traffic worldwide, global ads feeds deliver max revenue, quick revenue payout on the next 12th (postponement in case of holidays).

What’s the difference between Yumi parking and other parking?

As the first domain parking service provider in China, created its unique domain optimization system, which enable to maximize the revenue for users.

How to park a domain?

First, create an account, then log in it, enter the domains you want to park to the “add domain” input box. After you finish the domain adding, change the domains’ DNS to Yumi parking DNS (, Simply with the two steps, your domains will be successfully parked in Yumi’s Dopa domain parking system.