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About us is a platform providing professional domain name service for users. Established and launched by Chinese senior domainer, has been growing fast since went online in Apr. 2012. So far we have more than 180,000 registered users, including domain investors, enterprises, individual users, etc. And we’ve won quite good popularity and reputation.
 is the first multi-channel domain sales and trading provider in China, and we devote ourselves to providing one-stop service on domain sales, trading and management. dedicates all our efforts to provide various conveniences for users, which includes domain selling, purchasing, brokerage, backorder, parking, etc.
What are our advantages?
——— owns multi-channel domain distribution union. If you sell your domains on, your domain name will be synchronously displayed on whois Top Ranking Lookup of Chinese Top Registrars and Aftermarket for free. With more than millions of search queries each day, your domains will increase chance for sales to end-users.
——— has over 10 million of make offer queries from end-users of registrars every day. With the help of Yumi Domain Appraisal System, make offer qualities can be guaranteed and transactions can be facilitated to maximum.
———  In addition to have expiring domain backorder resources from domain registrars in China, also has obtained resources from numerous oversea domain backorder platforms, which makes the most comprehensive domains backorder channel among the industry. While backordering domains through, users experience the one-stop domain backorder from various platforms worldwide.
——— owns 15 million domain resources and the largest for sales inventory of overseas BINdomains in China, which enables users to search and buy overseas words domains conveniently and quickly.
——— runs the first credit system among the entire industry and owns more than one million credit domains. Our credit transaction security service protects the transactions.
———  Domain auction on adopts sealed bid auction, which enables worldwide users fill in prices most closest to what they expect in a more rational and healthy way. Accordingly, the transaction price of domains is more reasonable. At the meantime, it also helps to avoid the technical risk of potential attack along with traditional auction.
Why are we called Yumi?
        Every industry has their own inherent terms and secret signals, so does domain industry. “Yumi” is a nickname of domain in Chinese (the Chinese Pinyin of corn is “Yumi”, which is also the typo of domain’s Pinyin “Yuming”). Yumi also extends to a series of secret signals in domain industry, such as ‘Cook Corns” stands for registering domains, “Buy Corns” for purchasing domains, “Sell Corns” for selling domains, and people who like to “Cook Corns”, “Buy Corns” and “Sell Corns” are called “Corn farmer”.
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