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Domestic leading domain media marketing platform exclusively owns more than 20 million domain resources, more than 150 million per day advertising exposure

more than 10 million unique users to be reached effectively per day

The first domestic domain media marketing platform

Domain Media is China's first media marketing platform with the domain as a as a medium, which based on the operation in domain industry for 10 years and converging more than 20 million domain display page, accumulating over more than 10 million daily unique visitors and effectively advertising impression to be over 150 million times. through integration with the advertising resources of the domestic mainstream advertising market, such as Google, Baidu, Taobao, 360, Tecent,, Youku,, Baofeng etc. completes hundreds of supply-side platform coverage, helping advertisers accurately deliver its ads to the target audience through people orientation technology that based on data, which increases the efficiency of advertising significantly.


Media resources

Full web coverage

With Cross-channel, cross-regional integration of domain media resources, development of PC, mobile screen unity and integration with google, Baidu, Sohu, Alimama etc. major mainstream advertising market, the average daily PV can be about 150 million, monthly covering more than 85% of the Internet audience

vertical traffic

Reaching a depth cooperation with all global domain name market;
Maximize excavating domain traffic to make the domain media labelling, structured, visualized;
Constantly optimizing the combination of channels to enhance the accuracy of media delivery accuracy and the reach rate of target audience.

Precise crowd

Capturing crowd, content, location and behavior, regular customer, etc. through dimensional directional technology to label users’ data;
Real-time tracking, analysis of user behavior to let the ads reach the target audience precisely and enhance advertising return.

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